The Blue Lacy is a working dog known for it's incredible tracking and herding abilities. The #1 dog used by U.S. trappers. We raise beautiful Blue Lacys in Nevada.

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What better security could you have than a Blue Lacy that comes to tell you when somebody arrives on your property? It's very reassuring in this age when children can disappear from inside your house. Even if the Blue Lacy knows the person you'll know the second they come on the property and by their level of excitement just who it is. Their devotion to their owners is amazing in itself. They are huge checkers of their owners even when it comes to hunting. Instead of running off and leaving you to trail behind they constantly run back to check on you as if to say "Hurry up, Are you coming? I'm over here doing this." You’ll receive the same behavior when at home. They’ll pop in to make sure you’re where they left you and tell you they’re out chasing ducks on the river or playing in the yard.
As with any dog
socialization is of huge
importance especially the first
year ~ if not done you'll pay for the rest of the life of the dog. Any time you go to the hardware store take your dog inside with you. Puppy classes are a wonderful tool for meeting new doggie people, new dogs, learning and teaching behaviors for building a respectful relationship with your puppy. Every family member should learn the same things in handling/training your dog. No matter what any instructor tells you never be cruel or mean to your Blue Lacy. The use of electronic collars or training collars should be weighed and found to be excessive for the overall temperament of this breed. If you start training your pup at a young age you will have a fine polished dog companion and hunting partner. Positive dog training will give you the fastest and highest quality behaviors.
Always strive to build confidence in your Blue Lacy puppy or dog with challenging new environments. The Blue Lacy requires and thrives on activities, mental stimulation and daily aerobic exercise. Blue Lacys are not a dog to be put in a back yard and forgotten. They are certainly not a couch potato! The Blue Lacy is a very exotic animal unlike any other in that they are attuned to you. The soft tone of your voice is all that's ever required. You should never yell at your dog. Use positive leadership and treats. Blue Lacys are so intelligent; show them something once or twice and that's all it takes. They are so easy to train they always make you look like the expert handler. Be a good leader to your dog. Always be fair and consistent so your dog or pup can shine with a "high waggin' tail".
A common misconception
is that Blue Lacys are named
for the color of their coat. The name isn’t
for their color but for the blue gene they
carry. If the blue gene appears recessive
to the naked eye due to the color of the
coat, it still carries the blue gene as will
be readily apparent by the color of the
puppies when bred. This makes it irrelevant if they’re blue, red, tri-colored or gunmetal gray as they all carry the gene and are still “Blue Lacys”.
Except for their hunt and work
ethics, Blue Lacys aren't big barkers, but
they will certainly let you know the second somebody steps on your property. I've found all Blue Lacys to excel this way. You will learn who is going to be at the door by the way your Blue Lacy comes and tells you. The only nuisance barking I've ever had from a Blue Lacy is when they want to be near you and you’ve put them away.
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